"Education is power. It is just like a light in complete darkness"

Virmani Trust is focused especially on women empowerment. We believe that an educated and empowered women is not only important for the family but for a better nation. Our programs include Women Literacy Project, formation of Self Help Groups and supporting Skill Development in women.
Our programs are focused to make the women feel important in the society and generate confidence and self-respect in their day to day dealing. We are thankful to our sponsors, volunteers and employees who have made every program in this direction a success.

Women Literacy Project
Focusing towards Women Education

Our Women’s Literacy Project started in 2004 with two centers  at Manju Ka Tila  teaching 60 beneficiaries. There were hindrances and ups & downs and at one point we even thought of giving up. The dedication and enthusiasm of our President, C.E.O and our Women’ Literacy Team didn’t let us fall and also the mission of the forefathers of Virmani Trust “Giving  back to the society” Kept us motivated and unstoppable.

A computer module developed by Tata Consultancy Services was introduced on computers donated by them that juxtaposed text, sound and visuals to enable an illiterate person to read and write Hindi and learn Arithmetic.

Today, we have 646 centers in Delhi, Haridwar, Uttrakhand and Haryana teaching 51,952 beneficiaries. During the last 13 years, 1,07,460 women, their families and community have benefited from our programme. 

A Focus Towards Women Empowerment

The project runs in collaboration with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited where 710 women, known as ABHA,  residing in North Delhi slums come together o create awareness regarding safety issues from electric wires. They reach out people by visiting them door to door. Also different initiatives of TPDDL like Drug De-Addition Camps, Mobile Dispensaries, Cash Vans and LED distribution, make people aware about their benefits. Earn While Learn (EWL) is a programme where women make the defaulter residents pay thier old electric outstanding dues and install regular meters in place of illegal connections, are also paid honorarium.

Women Empowerment


ABHA are mostly beneficiaries of WLC, who have learnt reading & writing and are willing to spend time with the community.

ABHA participate in various schemes

Empowerd ABHA participate in various schemes and camps organized for battermet of the community by TPDDL. Its team creating awareness regarding EWL payment. Tea  leader of mangolpuri district giving gift to a lucky consumer for paying bills under the scheme Pay N Win. It provides beneficiaries and creating awareness regarding paying online bills via Paytm to avoid standing in long queues. ABHA’s providing assistance to the unhealthy people in getting cure through Mobile Dispensaries (Sanjeevani) of TPDDL.