teacher day
05 Sep
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Teacher’s Day

teach day
Teacher’s Day

Teachers have been an important part of everyone’s life. Their contribution in paving the right path needs to be applauded. Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 5 at our Women Literacy Centers in the memory of the greatest teacher who was also the second President of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. At some centers, the passed out beneficiaries of our WLC played the role of center incharge and taught the current beneficiaries. They also thanked their incharges for making them literate and receive  respect in the eyes of their children. The coordinators explained the importance of Education in the lives of the women. They also explained why the auspicious day is celebrated. They took a promise from the beneficiaries to respect their incharges and learn their lessons enthusiastically. Beautiful rangoli were made by the beneficiaries for their incharges. Some of them made beautiful cards also.

Happy Teacher’s Day

Celebration of Teachers Day at Shakti Nagar and Keshavpuram

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Women’s Literacy & Empowerment Programme
Teacher's day
Beneficiaries Celebrating Teacher’s Day
Slogans based on Education were written by the beneficiaries
Beautiful drawings were made by the beneficiaries, Moti Nagar

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