Facilitate Economic Self Sufficiency

WLEP along with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited runs Self Help Groups at different Women Literacy Centers where a group of 15-20 women is formed. These women deposit a small amount of money in the bank and later they can take a loan for initiating self employment at a nominal interest as per their needs. This scheme has been of immense benefit to the poor women living in the slums. Some of the members of SHGs have also started working after being trained for the tasks like cutting and tailoring, making chocolates, soft toys, and jute bags. WLEP has also hired Women Operators for R.O. plants installed by TPDDL at different metro stations.


21 years

Lal Bagh, Delhi

Recruited through SHG, she is working as an operator  of R.O. plant at Lal Bagh. Like Annu there are many success stories.