Change that inspires us

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weak because you’re a woman”

Priyanka never got the opportunity to go to school as she got married at 17 years of age. After getting married, she got busy in taking care of family and never understood the importance of education. Later in life,Priyanka realize the need of getting educated as she couldn’t help her kids in studies.Priyanka

Rajan, our coordinator enquired that Priyanka is willing to read and write Hindi. Rajan explained her the importance of education and also about being independent in life. Priyanka was convinced and didn’t want to leave this opportunity. She readily said, yes. After getting educated, she is able to help her kids with studies, keep a track of house budget; vendors no more befool her for money.

Also she has opened her own beauti parlour and is an independent Women now.

“Chalo Padhaye,  Kuch Kar Dikhaye, Mahila Shiksha Kendra Amar Rahe”  

Ouote made by beneficiary.

“Mai Bhe Chu Sakti Hun Aakaash, Bas Chahiye Mauke Ki Talash”

Rekha came from extremly poor background and her parents were construction workers. They are total 7 Brothers and sisters in family.rekha At a tender age, when every child dreams of studying in a school, Rekha had to start working to earn for the family. Rarely, they consumed proper three meals in a day.

She and her husband usually got into fights due to the inability of Rekha in supporting him for official work.

Rekha got to know  about Rajdhani Mahila Shiksha Kendra and she was feeling shy in getting enrolled. One of our coordinator counseled her regarding the importance of education. She got convinced and decide to enroll herself. Studying in the Shiksha Kendra, she learnt to read and write basic hindi and arthmatic. Rekha is associated with us for the past two years. Seeing her dedication, Anganwadi people hired her as a helper. Also she gives tuitions at home and help her husband  in completing his office work.



“Maditation is not a religion, it is a science, science of well-being, science of energy, science of intigrating body, mind and soul.”

Stress and Worries nowadays has increased in all works of life.Maditation

Through maditation, each person can achieve inner calmness, peace and harmony. This leads the person to be able to handle various situations in life with more ease. Running the Women Literacy Centers we came to know the  problembs and stress that our beneficiaries go through and encouraging Meditation was the best option.

During the years,2000 beneficiaries were introduced to the Meditation Programme. These women have been benefited immesely from the program.

Our target this year is to inroduce the maditation program to 10,000 women.

Asif teaching his mother Shabana
Parvesh, making his mother Shanti learn how to write