The Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School and the Virmani Public School cater to children of drivers, small shopkeepers, class four government employees, low level clerical or laboratory staff from nearby Delhi University.

Some children only have a single parent or a single bread earner in the family and cannot afford uniforms or books easily. Many cannot even afford the fee that we have kept deliberately low to ensure a diversified and broad based student body.

Lyallpur School

Several well established professionals of the city are amongst its alumni. These include Justice Sikri of the Delhi High Court, Vijay Goel, MP, Vinod Dua, media professional, SP Agarwal, IAS, Dr Ravi Gupta, Dr SK Narang, Dr Sudhir Jain and several others.

Virmani Trust has consistently made efforts to ensure that are quality inputs and constant up gradation of activities, systems, creative teaching techniques, computerization, projects and events that provide the students with an enhanced schooling experience that other government aided or low fee private schools simply cannot and do not provide. These include:

  • The hiring of an educational consultant to bring in new best practices in the field;
  • The introduction of a nursery block with the latest methods of classroom participation and teaching techniques;
  • The bringing in of outside experts for Drama, Music Computer Activities;
  • The recruitment of better trained and qualified staff etc.


Some of our ambitious plans for our schools include;

  • Introduction of new educational techniques that enrich the learning process to children who come from families where they are first generation learners and can get little support at home for ‘homework’ or ‘projects’.
  • Introduction of staff to new initiatives and training programmes,
  • Building of a Science laboratory, an Art Centre and a Volleyball Court,
  • Sending our children for national level competitions in sports and other fields


We are also keen that more children from our schools avail of the scholarship programmes that we have to offer and take up coaching for entrance exams to institutes like the IITs that offer them and their families, life changing opportunities. To do this we need to continuously monitor our efforts to run the school in an imaginative, creative and quality conscious manner.

Some Prominent Alumni

Vinod Dua

Media Personality

A leading Indian media personality. He has been the face of Indian television since 1974. He has seen and been associated with Indian television’s transition from a government controlled, black and white, single-channel entity to the present-day multi-channel transnational satellite TV industry

Vijay Goel


An Indian politician and the current Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports. Goel is affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party. He became president of its organisation in Delhi in February 2013. He was elected to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in 2014

Arjan Kumar Sikri


He is a judge of the Supreme Court of India. He sworn into the post on 12 April 2013. Earlier, he had served as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. He had specialization in Constitutional cases, Labour – Service Matters and Arbitration matters.