DVET receives grants from Ark UK to support some of their education programmes specifically under 2 verticals – partnership schools and school quality assurance.

The first school under the Ark supported programme commenced it’s operations in Delhi in July 2015 in partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. From an initial enrolment of 9, which increased to 120 within a month, the school now serves 360 children. The programme will now expand to 2 more schools, increasing its reach to 560 children. The aim is to create a network of high performing, fee-free schools, and work with the Delhi municipal government on issues of broader education reform.

In the endeavour to provide quality education, the scope of work under the Ark supported programme stretches beyond its own schools. This involves giving schools the right tools to monitor their progress and improve. Understanding how well a school is performing is vital to achieving excellence in education. In Madhya Pradesh, drawing on national and international best practice, a School Quality Assurance framework was created under this programme. This framework introduces a process of regular assessment for schools, enabling them to identify problem areas. Starting with a pilot of 100 schools in 2014, this SQA framework will be rolled out across 25,000 schools in Madhya Pradesh this year.