Virmani Trust is focused especially on women empowerment. We believe that an educated and empowered women is not only important for the family but for a better nation. Our programs include Women Literacy Project, formation of Self Help Groups and supporting Skill Development in women.

Our programs are focused to make the women feel important in the society and generate confidence and self-respect in their day to day dealing. We are thankful to our sponsors, volunteers and employees who have made every program in this direction a success.

Women Literacy Project
Focusing towards Women Education

Our Women’s Literacy Project started in 2004 with five centers and old donated computers in slum clusters around Delhi. Its objective was to teach illiterate adult women functional literacy, one that would enable them to read newspapers, hoarding or signages, children’s report  cards, daily accounts or any legal documents they may have to sign.

A computer module developed by Tata Consultancy Services was introduced on computers donated by them that juxtaposed text, sound and visuals to enable an illiterate person to read and write Hindi and learn Arithmetic.

Today  the Trust runs 312 Centers in and around Delhi. So far over 20,000 women have studied at these centers. Currently 9500 women are attending classes in our Centers.

A Focus Towards Women Empowerment

In this project, Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust in collaboration with TPDDL has 710 Abhas – the Women residing in different slums in North Delhi, who move door to door creating awareness about safety issues from electric wires and make people get benefitted from different initiatives of TPDDL like Drug De-Addiction camps, Mobile Dispensaries, Cash Vans Pay ‘n’ Win and LED distribution camps to help these women earn some money. It also promotes confidence, personality development, public dealing and boost their respect in the society.

Self Help Groups
Facilitate economic self sufficiency

Virmani Trust along with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited runs Self Help Groups at different Women Literacy Centers where a group of 15-20 women is formed. These women deposit a small amount of money in the bank and later they can take a loan for initiating self employment at a nominal interest as per their needs. This scheme has been of immense benefit to the poor women living in the slums.

Some of the members of SHGs have also started working after being trained for the tasks like making chocolates, soft toys and jute bags.

DVET has also hired Women Operators for R.O. plants installed by TPDDL at different metro stations.

Vocational Training Center
Supporting Skill Development In Youth

Since 2015, Virmani Education Trust has been promoting Vocational training to open the doors and windows of opportunity to the students. To equip them with information and ability to cope up with the challenges of the modern world, a computer training program and a spoken English program has been initiated at Shastri Park having four batches of 120 students.