“Nowadays when children disrespect their parents, I am proud that my son loves me a lot and helps me in learning to read & write!”– Shanti, mother of Parvesh, a class VI student of Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary


Taking our efforts to a new level, we have initiated Parents Literacy Project where we aim at Transforming the lives of the illiterate parents through our Project of making the students teach functional Literacy to their parents. We are delighted to say that the program has succeeded not only in teaching the illiterate parents but of better bonding between them. 40 year old Shabana Mother of Asif studying in class 9th of Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Seconday school was an illiterate woman and could not read and write. She said “I felt shy and have no time to spend in learning to read and write. But when Asif motivated me and made me realize the importance of education, I agreed to learn. He taught me and now I feel proud that I can put my signature on his report card and in the Parent teacher meetings. I can also read newspaper on my own. I am very happy that my son respects me and has helped me fight my weakness.” Like her, there are 40 Lac illiterates in Delhi who can not read and write and are devoid of basic education. In 1824 Secondary Schools of Delhi having 7 lakhs of students in Delhi, we would like to select the students whose parents are illiterate and motivate them to teach their parents and support us to wipe out illiteracy from Delhi. This project will lead to better & easy reach to the illiterate persons & increase affection & bonding between the students & their parents.

Asif teaching his mother Shabana
Parvesh, making his mother Shanti learn how to write